Chengdu Tianfu Joy City Unveils with Spectacular Grandeur
Jan 05th 2024
Digital Integration and International Consumer City Evaluation Seminar
Jan 03th 2024
Jiugui Liquor Culture and Art Center Design Scheme Approved
Nov 07th 2023
Mr. Zeng Attended the China Nest Celebrating 70 Years of Beautiful Living Spaces Exhibition and the 11th Nest Awards Ceremony
Oct 31th 2023
Mr. Zeng Attended the 2023 G20 Entrepreneurship Roundtable Dialogue
Oct 27th 2023
POWERCHINA Technology Innovation Industrial Park, Crafting a Low-Carbon Science and Innovation Park
Oct 26th 2023
The master planning and design of the Jiugui Liquor Culture and Art Park have successfully received approval from expert review panel
Oct 22th 2023
Chengdu Tianfu Joy City's Debut is Imminent, Heralding the Start of an Ideal Park-like Living
Oct 09th 2023
"The selection of excellent works is as important as providing opportunities for young designers." The Reevaluation of the 11th "Nest Award" in Beijing Concluded Successfully
Jul 20th 2023
Mr Zeng Attended the Joint Exhibition of Calligraphy and Painting Titled "Rui He Qing Xiang", Featuring by Lu Xiaobo, Zhang Zikang and Xie Xiaoquan
Jul 05th 2023
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