About Us

ZWP is a dynamic partnership formed by outstanding collaborators committed to pushing industry innovation through the synergy of diverse strengths. Our mission centers around crafting extraordinary and valuable projects for clients, influenced by a multicultural and global outlook. The name ZWP embodies our fundamental principles: Zenith, Wealth, and Partner. Headquartered in Los Angeles and Beijing, we also have branches in Tianjin, Shanghai, Chengdu, and other areas.

At ZWP, we have gathered a team of industry elites with extensive experience across various professional fields. Our dedication is to produce exceptional projects in the Greater China region, the United States, and globally. Our services are comprehensive, covering commercial, office, cultural tourism, public construction, catering retail, residential, and more. We provide high-quality integrated design services including planning, architecture, interior design, art furnishings, and cost consulting.

We have developed extensive collaborations with local Chinese governments, renowned enterprises, and high-quality partners, completing numerous exceptional projects both in China and on a global scale. In recent years, ZWP has continually expanded its business scope, maintaining deep roots in China while also embracing a global perspective. We are consistently exploring new opportunities within the industry, demonstrating our commitment to ongoing growth and exploration.

In pursuit of excellence, ZWP holds to an innovative design philosophy and the spirit of philosophical craftsmanship, offering high-quality design services to our clients and leaving a legacy of high-quality architectural works in numerous cities.

Values: Zenith, Wealth, Diversity

ZWP's corporate culture and values are defined by ZENITH, WEALTH, and DIVERSITY.

ZENITH - We strive for perfection in spatial design, user experience, brand image, and service quality.

WEALTH - Our goal is to maximize design value, offering beauty and practicality while incorporating sustainability and socio-economic benefits.

DIVERSITY - We bring together the industry's most elite partners, focusing globally and fostering innovation in a multicultural context to create unique works.

Our team members infuse passion into their work, crafting exceptional designs and enhancing spatial value for our clients. In a rapidly changing society, we continuously innovate and break new ground, exploring endless possibilities and implementing our philosophy worldwide.

Mission: Design a Better Life

Our goal is to generate value and enhance quality of life through design.

Harnessing the momentum of global economic development and urbanization in China, ZWP is on a perpetual journey of pursuing outstanding design. Throughout our past, present, and into the future, we remain committed to crafting works with endless possibilities in various cities worldwide. Rooted in the principle of "Designing a Better Life," we seamlessly integrate cutting-edge concepts in art, humanities, and technology. This distinctive approach shapes ZWP's unique value and advantage as we endeavor to design a better life for people.

Academic Research

The G20 Future Business Model Laboratory at Tsinghua University operates within the purview of Tsinghua University's diverse academic units, including the School of Economics and Management, School of Architecture, School of Art, Department of Physics, School of Information Science and Technology, and School of Humanities and Social Sciences. This collaborative effort brings together a research team comprising professors, doctoral students, postdocs, and graduate students. The lab, with a specific focus on business research, examines novel models and structures of business in the context of global changes, investigating their pivotal roles in entrepreneurship and economic development. The laboratory aspires to evolve into a dynamic, interdisciplinary platform dedicated to the exploration of future human lifestyles and forms of civilization.

Since April 2020, Mr. Zeng has served as the Chief Scientist of the Future Business Model Laboratory at Tsinghua University’s G20 Entrepreneurship Research Center. His proposed trends in future business design - "Pan-Business," "Strong Themes," "Humanization," and "Intelligence" - have gained wide recognition and consensus in the industry.

ZWP hopes to provide insightful guidance for the future human living environment and contribute to industry progress through more academic exploration and research platforms.