"Three-dimensional Lifestyle Aesthetic Shopping Park", Chengdu Tianfu Joy City has its grand opening as ZWP joins hands with COFCO Joy City to forge a new commercial landmark. This project aims to reshape shopping and lifestyle experiences, heralding a new era of urban development and cultural charm in Chengdu.
ZWP is honored to partner with POWERCHINA on this initiative. This energy-efficient structure aligns with China Power Construction Corporation's commitment to the "Dual Carbon" objectives. Engineered to meet international 5A Grade A standards, the project centers around the core principles of "water, energy, city," aiming to establish a world-class technology and innovation industrial park.
The ZWP Los Angeles office is located in the bustling downtown Union Bank Building, a hub of economic and cultural activity in Los Angeles, surrounded by many top world design firms. The Los Angeles team, blending the city's rich and diverse cultural atmosphere, gathers outstanding creative talents from both China and the U.S. to provide excellent services for projects at home and abroad.
ZWP successfully participated in the design competition for a 400,000 SF commercial complex in downtown Los Angeles. This modern high-rise, spanning 22 floors, integrates a 3-floor commercial district and a 19-floor tower. The conceptual design aims to create an open, green, and sustainable commercial office space in downtown Los Angeles, redefining Grade A commercial office space through a blend of architectural, site, interior, and urban design.
The Jiujiang Bank Training School, jointly designed by ZWP and the Architectural Design & Research Institute of Tsinghua University, is officially complete. This project is not just a training school but a new type of characteristic ecological building complex integrating teaching, office, accommodation, and reception facilities. Surrounded by water on three sides, it offers unparalleled natural beauty and an ideal environment for learning and communication.
Situated at the intersection of the Great Xiangxi Tourism Corridor in Jishou, the Jiugui Liquor project is a pivotal entry point to the scenic Zhangjiajie and historic Fenghuang old town. We have skillfully crafted a unique cultural and commercial hub, blending local geography to create a distinctive liquor culture and tourist destination. Having completed its design phase and passed expert review, construction is set to commence, promising a blend of traditional and modern elements rooted in local charm.
Taking inspiration from the local mountainous terrain, the Jiugui Liquor Culture and Art Center strives to evoke the feeling of strolling among scattered rocks. Its distinctive design links various areas through elevated landscape trails and diverse layouts, seamlessly integrating architecture, light, and nature. The project has successfully completed its preliminary design phase and received approval through the review process.